Ring UK


Our recent collaboration with Ring UK was truly fun. This Halloween, we crafted a mesmerizing 3D animation that added a sprinkle of magic to the spooky season.

We brought a friendly ghost and a candy-filled escapade to life, all under the watchful eye of Ring’s interior security camera, perfectly capturing the essence of Halloween and the joy of unexpected surprises.

When we embarked on this project, we took the creative reins to develop the character design and storytelling. Initially, the idea was to create a monster with a “Ghostbusters” vibe. However, as we delved deeper into the creative process, we decided to pivot towards a friendly ghost character. This choice allowed us to infuse more expressiveness and fun into the narrative, ensuring that our animation resonated with audiences of all ages.

Character Exploration

The creation of a lovable and mischievous friendly ghost


Crafting Enchanting Stories, One Boo at a Time.