Pixhelado, a delectable frozen treat crafted by Savory (Nestlé), a beloved local brand hailing from Chile, became the centerpiece of our latest venture—an advertising video that seamlessly merges reality and the virtual realm. Inspired by the whimsical fusion of “pixel” and “helado” (Spanish for ice cream), Pixhelado’s captivating story unfolds within a fantastical video game universe.

Within this visually stunning world, our team embarked on an extraordinary journey of character creation. We introduced an eccentric yet endearing alien, the mischievous mascot, and a heroic young boy, each morphing into different avatars as they traverse various gaming realms. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant aesthetics of Guitar Hero, the intense battles of Street Fighter, and the nostalgic charm of retro 16-bit gaming, we brought these characters to life through a captivating combination of live-action filming and cutting-edge 3D animation.

In this imaginative fusion of reality and digital artistry, Pixhelado’s story transcends the boundaries of ordinary advertising, captivating audiences with its dynamic blend of live-action production, seamlessly integrated with the awe-inspiring world of 3D animation.