MIT Technology Review

CRISPR: Decoded Series

Decoded is the name of the video series that the MIT Technology Review will be releasing periodically. This videos aims to distill and explain difficult to grasp concepts through animation for all audiences. In this opportunity we worked in the development for the bumpers that will be used for the explainer videos and also, the very first explainer video for Decoded: CRISPR.

A very fun project in which the team had to immerse themselves studying for a long time to be able to know how to accurately illustrate and animate some elements and specifically to know perfectly the operation of this new potential science secret weapon.

Concept art drafts

The initial concept aimed to delve into vibrant glitches and abstract forms, combining them with the titles to achieve a cohesive visual style.

Graphic exploration

The second round of proposals was based on focusing attention on recognizable elements while still embracing the abstract and glitchy look and feel.

Collage of elements using mostly black and white backgrounds and different elements, shapes and lines interacting with one another

Keep it simple: Utilize recognizable objects, data, and textures with dynamic glitch reveal animations