Athletic Intelligence Agency

AIA interface and explainer video

In today’s digital landscape, athletes confront significant challenges: the oversight of their social media presence by external platforms poses a direct threat to the value of their sponsorships. This is precisely where the Athletic Intelligence Agency steps in. The AIA stands as an artificial intelligence-driven platform that reshapes the landscape of the sports industry.

Our close collaboration with AIA has been instrumental in breathing life into this transformative vision. We’ve delivered solutions that empower athletes renowned athletes from the Middle East and Africa to autonomously and efficiently curate their content, establishing direct connections with their fans and brand partners.

For this venture, we meticulously crafted a series of mockups featuring an intuitive interface tailored for athletes. Our animated video serves as a lucid exposition of the AIA concept and its objectives, while the landing page, meticulously designed as the nucleus of AIA, not only hosts the video but also serves as a seamless gateway for visitors and potential investors seeking to engage with the platform.


Crafting narratives that resonate, from empowering athletes to revolutionizing digital experiences.

First Concepts

The visual concepts were refined through an iterative process to precisely convey the revolutionary nature of the AIA platform, emphasizing its global impact on athlete empowerment. The resulting animation was purposefully designed for pitching to potential investors, ensuring a visually compelling presentation of AIA’s vision and value proposition.


The resulting animated video, designed for pitching, straightforwardly showcases how the paltform works and the AIA’s impact on athlete empowerment.


The mockups feature a clear and intuitive interface tailored for athletes, emphasizing simplicity and functionality.